Starting a Routine

It has taken some time to come around to writing this post. This is in fact the eighth draft post since my first and the ruminating I did over those first seven will be posted here some time, hopefully soon.

I originally started writing this blog to tie the projects that I have completed with the ones I am working on and the ideas I have for future projects. So far the completed projects list has one item.  My current efforts are to learn the coding required to build interactive webpages. I think it is going well and in the near future I hope to extend these skills to building native apps. My list of ideas for the future now runs to several pages and includes everything, from the easily achievable to the rather more ambitious. At the easy end is a new idea for visualizing bus routes locally. Whereas the rather more ambitious plans would include 3D printing a remote control airplane capable of vertical take off.

The world of crowd funding excites me greatly as it allows many backers to be involved in exciting projects that would never even existed before. But perhaps even more importantly for the projects creators it offers an honest environment to test an idea. If you receive money then you KNOW your product is worthwhile and no more soul-searching or market testing is required. And some of these success have been so convincing that others rush to follow.

My interests are to see just what crowdfunding can be involved in. There are truly inspiring concepts that we may invest in from idea’s to clean the oceans to launching satellites from accelerators in the sea. Also to share well executed campaigns of all sizes and types and technology development that I would very much like to see as a reality.