Hurrah for Apple

First things first I am not normally an Apple fan. I have nothing against their products some of them are very nice I’m just not that flush with disposable income. As fun as these discussions often are today’s post has nothing to do with:- Apple vs (Windows/Google/Linux/Samsung..).


I would like to congratulate Tim Cook for his comments regarding renewable energy use at Apple. His message that climate change sceptics would be best off out of Apple stock is one that more companies should adopt. 

Climate change scepticism can only be support by ignorance. Being open to counter arguments is the mark of a good scientist and I hope I still have it. However I have not met anyone who can understand the equations of radiation balance and also does not think global warming is a problem. Unfortunately this science is hard but it is the science of this question and ‘ooh it was chilly this winter’ is not an adequate counter point.

I found this story on wired if you would like to read more.