A Selection of Interesting links

It’s been too long since I had a post I could use to share a few interesting links so this post is only interesting links.

First up some Ruby

I have been building an application over the last few weeks with a greater scope than any I have done before. Following the mantra of fat model I have always aimed to move logic into the models. I not have the situation on obese models and need to break them up further.

This post has a good overview of the problem and what an active record model should not do.

From code climate this one has some good advice on where to start breaking up these models.

One assertion that I have read a few times recently is that authorization logic should remain in the controller. I have followed this but as I have introduced admin and content owners and public pages this has caused my controllers to grow more than I am happy with. This is a good overview of using exceptions to manage complexity but I would still be intrigued to read further arguments on why this logic can’t be pushed to the controller.

Next the Javascript

Node Webkit. That sounds cool, this guys blog also has a whole bunch of stuff. Onsen sounds fun too. Polyfills as a service, why the fresh not, from the financial times guys.

This article is not an exciting new tech but just quite a nice overview of several JavaScript hacks.

Python time

I have a growing urge to program in python and this post is a good example of some of the stuff the python community is leading the way in. So also needed is a MEGA-tutorial. Check.

Finally I have no idea what this is, but sounds fantastic.